“At least 50% of the success of any particular scene in a fantasy or adventure film such as ours depends upon the music.”  – Ray Harryhausen

Music had me very concerned early on.   Thanks to IStock Audio I was able to scour their sight to find music cuts I felt would best serve our story.   I found music that  elevates the visuals to something I hadn’t originally imagined.  Because I found much of the music before we shot  I was able to shoot certain key scenes with specific cuts in mind which helped bring a dynamic to the finished product we wouldn’t have had otherwise.  The cuts were affordable and well worth the investment.

Another great site was Jamendo.  There is a world of musical innovation out there and Jamendo is a haven for it.

That’s where I first heard The Gray Havens and I used their epic song Silver for a montage scene and the closing credits.  Please visit their site.  Please buy their music.   They’re wonderful.


Dave and Licia Radford, a.k.a. The Gray Havens.


 I-Stock Audio –]

  •  Shawn Pigott   ( Equinox ,  Ancient Oak   )
  •  Mark Beard    ( New Age Harem Belly Dance  )
  •  Safeport Music     (C_Rush Hour  )                                
  •  Wooden Studio   (Dark Nightmare )                                     
  •  GVS Music    (Baffle Pursuit )                               


 Jamendo –

  •  The Gray Havens    (Silver)                     
  •  Roger Subirana Mata  (Dragons,  Rituals at Dusk , Ancestral Voices)   
  •  Rod Brando (AlienAqtor)                   
  • Celestial Aeon Project (Hold The Line, Valve  )                          
  •  Stefano Targa  (Budo)                           
  •  Illness Institute  (Invasion of the Body Snatchers)                    
  •   ADP  (Buddy, Buddy   )



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