gallery hero shot .new leader



Just like Bollywood or an old Busby Berkeley musical, the movie stops for a cute dance number.   See Pinball in the background hand-cranking the music-machine.

edit jazz atv

They are classmates, have co-starred in Parkwood school theater productions and competed in the annual talent show.  Now friends Trace Martin and Bailey Boryczewski play fellow warriors Link and Jazz, here riding Bandeau’s stolen Kawasaki.


Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.11.03 PM

It was Kelsey and Leo who suggested a subtle romance bubbling below the surface between Bootsie and Whamo.  Kelsey gives costar John Bryant (Whamo) a sweet kiss in between takes of the go-cart scene.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.10.29 PM

Sitting in for Hunter, director Ben runs through lines with Kelsey (as Bootsie) in a mid-summer shoot that was fun, productive and hotter than the hinges of Hades.  Leo Riot listens and gets ideas for how to shoot this key confrontation scene.


Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.11.15 PM

Now it’s time to shoot the same scene.   Hunter is about to take a nasty baseball bat hit to the sconce, courtesy Bailey “Jazz” Boryczewski (hidden behind the tree).

The first day of filming in March 2013was cold, tense and a little disorganized.   A neighbor on Griffith Road let us use his scrap yard.


making of tab hero

The first day of shooting also produced a nice end-of-day group shot.  Some had already left so we didn’t get everyone in the shot.  Alyssa Knittel and Collin Wilson showed up to watch and were soon recruited to do much more.  Ben Martin is on the far left next to Leo Riot, Bethanne Martin on the far right, behind Trace and beside Annamarie Knittel.



Maddy Katz, Christina Albrecht and Danny Ruhland work together on J. C. Knox who agreed to play the first monster seen in the movie.  J. C. would later play Gauche.



It would be a couple months before Tatum would stand before the cameras playing Beaujolais.  In the meantime, she was very busy designing props and costumes for all the lead characters including Sam “Pinball” Knittel.


Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 3.42.45 PM]At photo time, Alyssa, Maddy and Collin always seem to try to outdo each other in the goofy-face department .  Hunter, in the midst of the mayhem of a monster suit makeover, seems to fit right in with his own goofy face.



A relatively early shoot took place at the Parot Barn which doubled as Mots’ lab.   Here, Lucas Parot as Shanks practices his Bootsie tie-up in advance of a key scene.  “You’re just playing a character, right Lucas?”


Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 3.53.27 PM

One of the more enjoyable shoots took place at a farm-fun-fest known as Aw Shucks.  Unfortunately, we got rained out before we could finish and it was necessary to do some rewrites later.   Thankfully Bethanne thought to take this group shot which helped with continuity later.  Alyssa and Collin by now were in the movie.  Hunter played the monster quite well that day, but almost broke poor Kelsey’s jaw.


edit 720p,hay bail running

The Aw-Shucks shoot included a frantic chase away from the Quinvictus (this time played by Hunter) across big rolls of hay.  Heck this is fun.  Thanks Bonnie.


guarding fort

After their impressive performances in the opening scene, Kayley Tyson and Emily Muse found their roles expanded.  Here they accompany Gulah (Collin Wilson) in guarding Fort Monique.


Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 3.56.36 PMI don’t think there is a monster Hunter DIDN’T play.  Here he is at the Parot barn for the monster intro scene.



J. C. and Kelsey in the shop working on props for Hunter’s big Bandeau scene.


edit 720p.skinny bone and

For Ben, it was a real treat for sisters Kim (right) and Gingi (left) to not only show up to help and add to the fun, but also to take on speaking roles in the big Third Ward scene.


all set for the prom 2

Grace Wallace and Kiernan Hickey were a great help, but here try not to doze off during the big Third Ward scene.


all set for the prom

You wouldn’t know how lovely young Abby Tesar is from this photo of her in what appears to be a Polish immigrant get-up for the Third Ward speech scene.  Abby was a real sport and very helpful on the day we filmed the large crowd scenes and the marauding monster scene, as were so many others.



Michael Lewis showed up as a villager but also demonstrated his roaring skills as the scary Razthrax.  Bandeau wouldn’t be scared, but Hunter is.


Bailys family arrives

Danny, Ben and Kayley greet Bailey (Jazz) and her family who were invaluable with props and  as extras.



You know what they say: big feet, big monster shoes.



While we were filming in North Carolina, Cgvibrance Creative Studio, in Indore, India,  were hard at work on our final monster. Creative Director Shashank Mehta is on the left, and Chief Animator Ankita Jhudele is on the right.  An amazingly talented duo.



These two ugly mugs belong to son Hunter and dad Ben who had great fun working together as not only co-stars but as producer and director.


020 (2)

Christian, Lucas and Sierra relax in between takes on what was to a fun day of shooting.  Christian turned out to be a good actor, incredible stuntman, and innovative crewman.   Lucas’ innovation and talent  know no bounds.  A tip to everyone who wants to make a low-budget movie – get these guys on your side.   And Sierra has a beauty and charisma made for the movies.


Total I-phone 529

Much of the filming took place on land owned by Patrick and Angel Dawn Tyson.   We couldn’t get Angel on camera, but the rest of her clan all make appearances – even 6 month old jet who shows up at the end.  Here are Kayley, Patrick and Dixie.


016 (3)

Gingi Martin helped her brother Ben (Fred) by not only taking a role but doing some costume modification as well.  She also took many of the pictures which adorn this web site.


019 (2)Many of those who showed up to help were thanks to the Knittel family who helped, and helped, and helped.


Total I-phone 414Leo and Keslyn Riot should be movie stars themselves.   Here they join Trace, Hunter and Bethanne Martin along with Kelsey Millett, the star of the movie.  Since the Martin home served as the base of operations, many a production meeting took place at the kitchen table.  Bethanne made an excellent production manager, and an excellent food services administrator.


Link and Bootsie make a horrible discovery.

Link and Bootsie make a horrible discovery.

In what turns out to be one of the more powerful scenes in the movie, Link and Bootsie see first hand the evil they are up against.


edit 720p.pinball w bombPinball prefers his inventions to brute force.  In some cases, they actually work.


edit 720p.jazz bomar

David and Goliath?  No, it’s Jazz and Bomar the Bloody.


Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.17.54 PM

I love this shot of John, Kelso and Bailey.


mots and monster

The rumors are true.  There IS a strange creature not seen in the publicity shots nor the trailer.  Here you can see just a glimpse of the unholy horror (far left in photo above) as Mots unleashes it to deliver death and destruction to all it encounters.

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