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Without the extraordinary, the human race will succumb.

Starring a diverse group of wildly talented young people and shot entirely in and around Union County, North Carolina, this low-budget/high-energy amusement-park ride of a movie delivers fun, action and an unflinching look at survival in a world on the brink of extinction. (Continued below.)



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With only 800 or so people left alive in the entire world, evil Dr. Mots believes he should run things.   Anyone who disagrees feels the wrath of his minions and home-made monsters.   All is lost unless the five young warriors with the special gifts (their gifts seem to be limited to the fact that they are at least willing to try)  to defend the innocent and maintain order (Bootsie, Link, Jazz, Whamo and Pinball) can defeat the evil reign of Dr. Mots.

But first, they need to get beyond their own petty disagreements, thwart dangerous encounters with mutants in the wilderness, and find their way to Beaujolais and her settlement of desperate survivors.  Can they do it in time?

Along the way you will meet a wide variety of colorful characters:

Bandeau, the one-eyed nomad with a mission of his own;

Monique, a mystic seer with visions of danger and hope;

Shanks, the mute henchman with a gift for killing;

Gauche, the angry second-in-command at the Third Ward;

And many more.